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How Cannabis Helps My Chronic Illness

When I was younger and going through active addiction, I had a bad relationship with cannabis. I definitely abused it. Fast forward to getting sober and taking a long break from using any cannabis products, my relationship with the plant completely changed.

Getting sober changed my mindset about a whole bunch of different things and just life in general. So that definitely helped changed how often and why I used cannabis.

Let’s fast forward again to when I started having pelvic pain. The only thing I found helpful was using cannabis. That was the only thing that helped with not only the pain but also nausea I’d get. Additionally, I don’t like pills or any opioids, particularly because of my substance abuse history. So when I found out that cannabis helped my pain, I was all in baby.

Now, let’s get into how and when I used cannabis and for which illnesses. Below you will also find some different products that I use!

For my chronic migraines, this is the one illness I do not use cannabis for. I know that it helps others tremendously but for me, it either doesn’t do anything or it actually makes it worse. So when I do have a migraine I don’t use it.

Endometriosis & Adenomyosis:

When I have pelvic pain that I cannot handle or am having a big flare when it comes to Endometriosis, I usually have an edible or if it’s during the day I take some small puffs from my pen. Sometimes I put CBD & THC lotion on the area that hurts.

Osteoarthritis & Hypermobility & Nerve Pain:

I’m recently officially diagnosed with arthritis so I’m just now starting how to make my body pain feel better for this. However, there are some products that do help in certain instances. My shoulders are the worst and it gets really bad at night when I’m trying to sleep as with my hypermobility, laying on my side pushes the ball even farther out of the joint.

With that being said I sometimes take an edible or tincture at night when my body is just really bad. This doesn’t necessarily help the pain, it just makes me tired enough to help me fall asleep faster.

Again also the lotion really helps, it’s very temporary but it’s nice while it lasts!

When it comes to my nerve pain in my elbows and wrists, any form of cannabis helps so I just choose based on my mood and time of day.

The biggest thing I recommend is using a product that has THC and CBD in it, they’re advertised as 1:1 products. That means the levels of both in the product are around the same. You can even try a high CBD product that only has a small amount of THC.

Below are the products I use specifically:

For edibles I prefer gummies. I only take them at night or unless I know I’m stuck in bed for the day and I only eat half as that is the right dosage for me. Depending on the type of edible and the amount of THC in it I know whether or not to eat half or even less than that.

These are the gummies I use specifically. This brand is from the dispensary that is the closest to me, other dispensaries will have different brands.

As for smoking, I don’t buy flower anymore but I do use a vape pen. I am more likely to use this during the day and if I’m out of the house. I like the pens better than flower for a multitude of reasons.

My main reason is it’s so much easier for me to get the right amount to help me and yet still be able to function. I’m also able to purchase a bunch of different cartridges that help with different things and change it up super easily.

What I do like about vaping is that it curbs my nausea the most. It’s particularly helpful when I’ve been feeling very nauseous and haven’t eaten anything. It curbs my nausea and helps me be able to eat something.

This is the specific vape pen I use. Different dispensaries will have different kinds. You are also able to get disposable ones.

One of my favorite products is my 1:1 topical lotion. I use this when a specific area is really bothering me and need a more localized treatment. You can definitely try just CBD topicals however for me just CBD did not work.

This is the specific topical lotion I use! Not every dispensary has a topical with a high THC in it so make sure to check all the dispensaries near you to see if they have any. *This particular lotion is only found in Washington State.

Tinctures! They act the same as edibles because it is something you ingest. I rarely use mine but that’s because I honestly forget I have it. When I do use it I add it to my tea or my food! (I have made a THC-infused pad thai before).

This is the tincture that I have. Again, this is the tincture specifically from the dispensary I use. Different dispensaries have different brands.

Lastly, here is something that I loved however for some reason it did not agree with my migraines. When I did use Cannabis-infused seltzers, I didn’t like the taste as much so I mixed it into a mocktail and drank it that way. It was a perfect dose for me and I wish I could still have these!

There are a few different brands of cannabis-infused seltzers it just depends on the dispensary.


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