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How Does It Feel? Book Review (Spoiler Free)

How Does It Feel? By Jeneane O'Riley

Book Description:

When a trip into the forest to collect a rare mushroom goes horribly wrong, Callie finds herself falling through a fairy portal into the fae realm and landing on top of the Unseelie Prince. What could be more horrible than that? He thinks she's there to assassinate him. Determined to kill her but also provide entertainment for his court, Mendax (Unseelie Prince) challenges her to three deadly trials. If she survives, he will send her home.

🖤 Dual POV

🖤 Slowwww burn

🖤 Spicy tension filled moments

🖤 Touch what's mine and die

🖤 Shadow daddy (smoke technically but same thing)

🖤 Hate/disgust to love: He falls first



I am in absolute awe of this book. At first I thought the beginning was a smidge slow and was unsure how it was going to progress and fit into the rest of the book BUT that completely changed as I kept reading. When it picked up it really picked up! Everything fit perfectly together, the mmc is way more than morally grey he's definitely not a good guy but it works well. The words and confessions that came out of Mendax's mouth was so beautifully written. The FMC Callie, at first she seemed super stiff and honestly kind of bitchy, but once she got into the fae realm her character really developed. The author really depicted these two MC's internal struggles really well. Callie's internal monologue was exactly what my own would be if I fell into an unseelie fae realm. Chef's kiss!

‼️This is a dark fantasy romance so please check TW before reading!

Available on KU & Audible

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